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October 17, 2011

Confidence to Release the Club

I went out and played an impromptu 18 yesterday with two friends and it wasn’t a pretty round at all.  The first 9 holes were all over the place, but as I made the turn I made a change to my thought process.  I hadn’t necessarily “given up” on my round, but I decided that I was going to focus on releasing my club and nothing else.  I know that if I get a good release on my follow through that my ball flight won’t be disastrous.  I start hitting really bad hooks or slices when I am not confident with my release.

The change helped immediately.  It helped on my drives, my irons and my short game.  My contact was ten times better and my misses were far less drastic.  If I had putted halfway decent I would have put up a respectable back 9 score.  So is golf, that I didn’t and put up a bad score in my mind.

Putting the score aside, I think that being able to commit to my swing is a huge key going forward and probably something that most amateurs don’t do well enough.  We all tend to swing tentatively because we fear hitting a slice, topping the ball or missing the ball all together.  I have seen it in my own game time and time again.  When I let that fear enter into my though process I always end up making that fearful thought become a reality.  When I let that confident follow through image come into my thought process, good things happen.  Of course shots still go wayward, but the misses aren’t as bad and I never take myself out of the hole or the round with an out-of-bounds shot.

Take a look at your own game and think about what goes through your head while you are swinging the club.  If you are full of thoughts, like most of us are, then try focusing on just your release.  It has helped me control my ball flight and it just might help you too.

October 5, 2011

Tiger is Back…Here we go again

So a few golf writers are saying that Tiger is back, he shot a 62 in a practice round, he is playing 30+ rounds of golf a day and is getting his “feel” back.  As much as I want to believe that, I just don’t.  Tiger was and still is the most intriguing player in golf and he did things that no one has ever done on a golf course before.  I won’t try to deny any of that and I do believe he will win golf tournaments again one day.  I dont’ think he will dominate the same way he did, but he will start to play well again one day.

My point is, how many time have we heard the golf writers make their rounds saying that Tiger is expecting to “get a W” or that he looked great in the practice round.  All of that is just speculation and an attempt to generate media buzz for an otherwise off the beaten track tournament.  Having Tiger playing again is great for golf and hopefully he shows signs of playing better and can take that to the upcoming President’s cup.  Until he actually plays well in a four-day tournament, let’s all just chill out and stop speculating about Jack’s record and Tiger’s dominance.  Baby steps people.