One Last Shot to Break 80 this Season

This past season I set out to accomplish a full list of goals.  I accomplished a few and have fallen short on the rest, but felt I made progress throughout the year.  I will be re-evaluating my goals for this winter off season as well as my goals heading in to 2012 in the next few weeks.

Before I do that, I wanted to take a look at the goals I was able to accomplish and the ones I wasn’t.  The reason is, I am going to San Diego in the next two weeks and plan on playing a few more rounds.  This will be my last real chance to break 80 before I am stuck in a Chicago winter.  In order to give myself a shot I need to see where I am coming up short.

The goals I accomplished are the following:

  • Hit more than 50% of Greens in Regulation in a round – Encinitas Ranch (55%)
  • Hit more than 50% of fairways in a round – Cougar Point (64%), Encinitas Ranch (71%)
  • Beat my previous low score of 85: Shot an 83 at Encinitas Ranch in San Diego
  • Beat my Brother in Law – Cougar Point: Brother in Law (88) Me (87)

The goals I did not accomplish are the following:

  • Break 80 – Closest so far 83
  • Lower my handicap to single digits: Currently 14
  • Play a round with no 3 putts
  • Get up and down more than 30% of the time.  This includes sand saves.
  • Break 100 at the Ocean Course  110
  • Break 90 at the Ocean Course?  110
  • Play a Course that has hosted a Major Championship.  Don’t care which one.

I accomplished 4 and missed 7.  Not that great.  The two goals that stick out to me the most are “Play a round with no 3 putts” and “Get up and down more than 30% of the time.”  I truly and honestly believe that if I can get closer and closer to these two goals consistently I will break 80 and drop my handicap to single digits.

I am very excited for one more opportunity to try and accomplish my season long goal and plan to give it my absolute best.  Regardless of the outcome I will be resetting my goals for the upcoming winter season as well as a full new set of goals for 2012.  This project will keep going as long as I can get better golf, so a LONG time.  I have some exciting changes to share regarding my new goals and plans for achieving those goals, but I want to share them after the holidays and after they are final.  Stay tuned!


4 Comments to “One Last Shot to Break 80 this Season”

  1. How do you set your goals? More or less arbitrary numbers or some type of algorithm based on past performance? I’d like to set some for myself but am stuck in a rut between data capture and getting too caught up in results based evaluation. As a proponent of process immersion, I always wonder if my capturing of hole-by-hole stats hurts my game from a distraction perspective. I’ve found it useful not to add up my score until the end of the round as this allows me to focus better on the shot at hand but in the same regard, tracking GIR and putts per hole may be distractions if I start counting during the round. So I have great stats for the last five years on score, relation to par, GIR, putts/round. But what do I do with them from a goals perspective. Actually thinking of chucking all stats and working only with total score and handicap reduction. Any guidance you can provide would be helpful. Thanks!

    • My goals from last year were completely arbitrary. I sat down and said what would I like to do this season and those were what I landed on. This season my goals are going to be much different since I struggled with similar things that you mentioned. I don’t enjoy tracking every single shot on my phone or on a pad of paper. I seem to play better when I am focused on just playing and not score. The problem is, I have gained a lot of information from tracking my stats. I know exactly where I am losing the most shots each time I play. In order to figure out the best way to set goals and go about each round mentally I am going to be working with a sports psychologist this off season and all next season. A friend of mine is getting her Master’s Degree in Sports Psych and has agreed to take me on as a project. She is currently working with me on setting my goals for next season and much much more around the mental game. I am going to share everything that we work on so stay tuned as most of it revolves around the mental game like you mentioned.

  2. Working with a real sports psychologist; very awesome! The guys on tour don’t have to worry about stats capture distracting them and can just benefit from the feedback. Very interested to know how to work through that. Thanks!

    • She is an aspiring sports psychologist, but I am excited to start working with her. I will share the entire process we go through so hopefully you can take some tips and techniques away from it and use them in your own game.

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