A Short Game Drill You Will Love

My main focus this off season was to reshape and sharpen my fundamentals and my short game.  They were both the clear cut weaknesses in my game and I worked to put a plan in place to fix them both.  You can go back and read my step by step progress here, but I wanted to share one short game drill that I have found fantastic for getting rid of the dreaded hand flip.

As I worked on my chipping I found that occasionally my old habits would return and I would flip my hands sending the ball thin over the green or fat right in front of me.  The drill that Mike Thornburg (@thornypga) gave me that helped me truly feel my hands leading in front of the club head without flipping the club head through impact was to take a golf ball and place it in between my right index finger and the shaft of the club.

From here I would hit chip shots keeping my right hand pressure focused on the golf ball.  It has helped me get rid of the “flip” feeling and it has produced more consistent and cleaner contact in my short game.  If you have trouble hitting short game shots consistent and are frustrated, like me, give this drill a shot.  You will be surprised how it helps your short game confidence.


6 Comments to “A Short Game Drill You Will Love”

  1. Interesting. Is this a right hand only drill or both? I only see your right on the club.

  2. I tried this today in my short game session and LOVE IT! Chipping wasn’t bad ahead of this but my contact with SW, PW, and 8-iron chips got very crisp using the drill and I found myself leading nicely with the lower body and keeping my hands firm through the strike. The little pivot gave me more confidence to strike down on the chip which provided more spin and control.

    Will let you know if it carries over in my game tomorrow. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Glad you liked it. I have been using it in my warm up and seen my confidence increase dramatically. Easy to do and good results. I like that combo. Let me know how the game goes.

  4. This went very well on the course yesterday. On several chips from on or just off the fringe, I made a good aggressive move which resulted in crisp clean contact. Didn’t hole any but came close on one. Definitely like this one because it promotes a good habit and you can practice it on the rug inside. Thanks!

  5. Glad you liked it. I have been using this in my apartment as well as outside. Hard to find good indoor drills.

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