Rory gets the Tiger Treatment from Damon Hack

Normally I don’t like to comment on pro golfers and the commentary that surronds them, but I couldn’t resist on this one.  If you haven’t read Damon Hack’s open letter to Rory go ahead and give it a quick read here.  I fully understand that Hack’s job is to report, find stories and generate traffic to his articles, but give me a break with this letter.

The glaring rips at Rory’s youth by calling him “bud” and “kid” are just poor taste.  The guy may be young but his game and his demeanor with the media and fans should garner a lot more respect that this.  Guys like Hack wonder why players are guarded around them and don’t want to open up (ahem Tiger).  Just look at this situation and you will know exactly why.

Three weeks ago all of the articles about Rory were praising his consistency, his poise, his new-found confidence due to his new girlfriend.  Now that he has hit a rough patch he has lost his commitment to golf, his consistency and the maturity he has been so praised for.  There is a reason Luke and Rory have been trading the world #1 spot for so long.  They both play well and they play well a lot.  Donald missed cuts this year, he struggled at the beginning of this year until he got back in the groove.

Hack continues his golden advice letter by claiming that Rory isn’t practicing enough.  I’m not going to vouch for Rory’s practice schedule because I don’t know what it is and I would venture a guess that Damon Hack doesn’t know what it is either.  It wasn’t that long ago that these same writers were scrambling around looking for someone to take over Tiger’s throne since he had completely lost his game.  Now guys like Hack are hell-bent on proving that no one can take Tiger’s throne because he is “back” and Rory is just a young kid again.

Stuff like this makes me think these guys have no idea what kind of sport golf really is.  It ebbs and flows, it’s about peaks and valleys, it’s about riding the highs and surviving the lows.  No one knows this better than Tiger and I would even argue Rory.  For the majority of Rory’s career he had under achieved since he hadn’t won with his god given swing.  Now that he has won he has also under achieved again after three poor weeks.  Give me a break.  Rory is going to turn it around and the same group of writers will jump back on his fan base and praise him like nothing happened.  If you don’t believe me, go read all the pieces that Rick Reilly has written about Tiger over the past two years.  One week he loves him the next he can’t stand him.  It is maddening.

The bottom line is that I firmly believe Rory will find his game and find it quickly.  He will contend in more majors than he will miss the cut and he will win on the PGA Tour again this year.  I also don’t believe Tiger is “back” and I don’t think he will ever be back to the old Tiger.  He is a new Tiger and he is still darn good.  I can’t wait to see how they all play in San Fran and over the next year.  If it is Rory that comes out on top I can’t wait to see the Hack job letter Damon will have for us then.  My guess is he won’t have one or have the guts to issue an apology letter.


2 Responses to “Rory gets the Tiger Treatment from Damon Hack”

  1. I agree that the tone of Hack’s letter is condescending but the message is valid. McIlroy said after the BMW that he wasn’t working hard enough. i saw the post round interview and was also surprised that he said it, and have to agree with Hack that he needs to “get after it.” No excuse for not putting forth the effort. Your are correct that golf has an ebb and flow shift in momentum for every player, but as the world’s #1, shooting a 79 twice in three tournaments tells me there’s something more than ebb and flow going on. Even Tiger wasn’t that bad when he was hacking. Not sure what, is going on but I suspect something is distracting him. I also agree with Hack that the jet-setting lifestyle is not doing him any favors. He should slow down, work harder, and settle into a regular schedule competing against the PGA Tour and see where that lands him. Thanks for the thought provoking post!


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