An Ode to the Hole in One

I always thought that the first time I wrote about a hole in one on here it would be for my own.  Unfortunately I am writing this post about a buddy of mine, who I have played a good amount of golf with over the years.  Rob was out this past weekend playing with a different group than our normal friends while our normal group was out playing Cog Hill.  As our own round was wrapping up I checked my phone and saw this.


Rob had hit his very first hole in one!  To make it even sweeter, it was the day before his birthday.  Talk about a cool birthday present.

I called Rob to hear the story and he explained that, “It was 140 yards over water and I hit a smooth 9 iron and the ball started fading towards the hole.  As it was in the air I thought it might be good enough to win closest to the pin and when it went in I freaked out.”  When I asked him to describe it in one word he chose, “Picturesque.”

After seeing a picture of the hole I am inclined to agree with him.  Can you picture a better hole to card your first ever Ace?  I’m hard pressed to find one at the moment.


Congratulations Rob!  Give him a shout on twitter @lifeofbecker as well.

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