Swing Update – August 2012

It has been about a year since I posted my swing from last season and I figured it was time to give an update.  Since my last swing update I have been fitted for irons by Club Champion and switched my driver to the Ping i20.  I’m still not completely happy with the way the swing looks on video, but I do see some improvements.

For the most part the iron shots look ok to me and I have removed a lot of the forward sway I used to have.  I feel like the swing is more in control, shorter and I get more weight to my right side.  The release of the club is also much better than it was a year ago.

The driver is still not great in my opinion.  I take it way too far back and I get across the line.  I don’t feel out of control while I am swinging the club, but it certainly looks all over the place on video.  I guess this is why taking a look at your swing can be helpful.  The other thing I noticed with the driver is a late set of the wrists at the top of the swing.  I think this might be a cause of me getting across the line.

Any and all tips or comments are more than welcome.

Check out my swing from the beginning of las season here


2 Comments to “Swing Update – August 2012”

  1. Mad golf swag, through and through

  2. I see some improvement from last year’s video in a couple areas. First you are getting your weight back more on the backswing. Last year you had a bit of a reverse pivot. This year you are taking the club back a little more in one piece and less with your hands, which is good.

    A couple of areas to work on: I still see too much separation between upper arms and chest on the backswing, which is why you feel a little loose at the top. I’d try the drill Vijay Singh uses and put a headcover under your right armpit on the backswing to ensure you are connected and are making a full body turn. It also wont let you get your right elbow stuck out too far at the top and should have you pointing it straight down at the ground and in a better position to make a powerful fully loaded move into the ball. Second, on the face on shot with the driver, your ball position has moved outside your left foot (too far forward). you need that opposite your left heel or instep.

    Otherwise, this move looks a lot better than last year, keep up the good work!

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