The Driving Range Tip

Yesterday morning started off with a solid 9 before 9 in with two of my normal playing partners.  I didn’t play great and lost to one of my buddies I normally beat.  Naturally that forced me to hit the range that night and work on my swing.  I was hitting the ball decent at the range but everything wasn’t feeling natural or great.  I had far too many mechanical thoughts going on and wasn’t able to single out one swing thought and go with it.

I moved on to hitting my driver and was hitting a monster slice, which was funny since I missed all my tee shots to the left that morning.  Go figure.  Here is where the driving range tip comes in.  Normally I am not a fan of interacting with people at the range in general since I don’t want to get instruction or tips from just some random guy who is more likely than not, not a great golfer themselves.

My frustration level was spilling over when a guy came up to my stall and asked me if the driver I was using was the new Ping i20.  I said that it was and he immediately made a swing move to show me to swing it around my body and not so up and down.  After that, he pointed back to the tee’d up ball and said try it.  I was very confused about the brash approach, but turned around and gave it a try.  Dead solid perfect tee shot.  I was stunned.  I haven’t hit a ball that straight in a few months and I turned back to my new friend only to get a thumbs up from him as he picked up his bag and walked away.

The entire interaction was hilarious in my opinion based on the fact that we exchanged very few words, the tip he gave me was spot on and he gave me the tip in a very non intrusive manner.  I still think I will be skeptical of the random driving range tip, but for right now I remain pleasantly surprised by my latest trip to the range.  I guess you just never know with this game.


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