The Return of the Friendly Major

Two years ago, my good friend and I started to play our own version of a what we now affectionately call the “Friendly Major.”  I have written about this before, but I will share a brief explanation.  Every year we try to play one or two trips to a destination for three days of head to head stroke play golf.

The rules are fairly simple:

1. Played over 3 days

2. Played on 3 different courses

3. Lowest score after the 3 rounds wins

4. Loser must buy the winner a shirt of his choice from the pro shop of the best course of the 3 played.

The punishment for losing might seem overly simple, but when you play with someone a lot and they constantly wear a shirt that you had to buy them from losing it really stings.  I would say that half the time I play with my buddy he wears his bright blue Nike shirt that I had to buy him from Torrey Pines.  I try to wear my Cape Cod national shirt as much as possibly to fight back, but the fact still remains, I hate seeing that shirt out on the course.

The first year we played two of these “Friendly Majors”, the first was in San Diego and the second was in Cape Cod.  I lost the first one in San Diego and won the second out on the Cape.  Last year we didn’t play one because my buddy wasn’t playing very well and it wouldn’t have been a fair fight.

This summer has brought some of my friend’s golf form back and he is ready to commit to this years first “Friendly Major.”  The wrinkle for this one is that we are staying local and playing a home game to settle the 1 -1 tie.  We are also brining our handicaps into this one so I have to spot him 3 shots a round which I am not happy about.

As of now, we are possibly scheduled to play this upcoming Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  Our last round will take us out to Cog Hill where we play often and know we can put up a decent score.  It will make for a great Sunday finish and I will post some pictures and updates throughout the weekend as the competition takes place.


2 Comments to “The Return of the Friendly Major”

  1. So you are spotting him three AND he only has to play when his form is good? HAH! There’s an old saying in golf that you know who will win the match just by the type of wager made on the first tee. I’m not liking your chances 🙂

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