The Friendly Major Update

The Friendly Major took place this weekend and it started off the way I wanted it to.  I shot my first round in the high 80s, but missed a lot of short putts that could have put my score in the low 80s very quickly.  I felt good about the way I drove the ball, my irons felt decent and my putting was mediocre at best.  Regardless, my score allowed me to survive my 3 shot handicap deficit to my buddy going into day 2.

Day 2 was a little bit different.  I didn’t feel like I hit many great drives or iron shots on the front nine, but when it was all said and done I shot a 39 with 2 birdies.  I really didn’t think I was playing that well, but the difference was the putter.  I was making all of the short to mid range putts that I had missed on day 1 and the score was showing it.  Of course, I made the grave mistake of looking at the score and started to think about breaking 80, making more birdies and all of the thoughts I didn’t have on the front 9 that let me play so well.  I followed that 39 up with one of my worst 9 hole scores of the summer and a string of double bogeys that I am still furious about.

Once I started thinking about it, all of the putts I was just rolling in on the front 9 started to miss and each shot carried more and more weight to it.  I could just feel the round slipping away and there was nothing I could do to stop it.  I ended up tying my buddy for the day, but because of the 3 shot handicap I lost by 3.  I feel like I gave away what could have been one of my best rounds of the summer.

We tried to go out and play the third round yesterday at Cog Hill, but we got rained out after 6 holes.  I had made up 2 shots over those 6 holes and was feeling good about making up the remaining 4, but the rain was too much.  We were playing through puddles of water on the greens and when drivers started flying out of rain soaked hands, we called it a day.  The final round won’t be played until after Labor Day.  I have my work cut out for me, but I was starting to feel really good about my swing and if I can roll in some putts I think I have a great shot to finish this thing off and win my second Friendly Major.

One Comment to “The Friendly Major Update”

  1. Mixed doubles next time! I will take short game.

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