It’s Never too Late in the Season to add to the Bag



Although it is October 17th and it is currently pouring rain here in Chicago, I have not given up hope on the end of my season.  In fact, I have done quite the opposite. I recently went back to Club Champion and got my putter and wedges fit. I left my fitting with a new putter and ordered three new wedges.

I wrote about Club Champion a while ago when I got my irons fit and if you want to read about it you can go here. After getting my irons fit I saw a drastic increase in the level of my iron play. I was sold on the Club Champion fitting at that point and I decided it was time to get fit for my putter and wedges. My short game is easily the weakest part of my game and also the best opportunity for me to improve drastically.

The new putter I got has been nothing more than a blessing. Before, I was using an 35″ odyssey mallet putter. I never reached any real level of consistency with this putter to really feel comfortable on the green. I left long putts short and ran short putts by the hole on a regular basis. It was a point of my game that really bothered me since I knew how many strokes I was losing on and around the greens. At my fitting, they quickly identified that I should be using a blade style putter to decrease the amount of arc I had on my stroke on my follow through. They also dropped my putter to 1 degree of loft and added some weight to the shaft. This gave me a much truer roll and has already shown to help with my distance control and aim big time.

Prior to this season my chipping was simply terrible. There is no other way to explain it. I NEVER got up and down. When I stood over a chip my thought process was more or “get it on the putting surface, I don’t care where” as opposed to “get it close to get up and in.” I addressed some of this by working hard all off-season on some short game fundamentals. Now that I have worked on those, I am putting some new tools in my hand.

After hitting a bunch of wedges I decided on the Callaway forged set. I went with a 50, 54 and 58 to complete my wedge set. I picked these lofts to match my PW which is 46 degrees. This gives me 4 degrees between each wedge and will hopefully allow me to really know my distances when I get back out on the course. I will report back on how they perform this weekend, but before I sign off I had to show off the two wedges that came in the other day because they are sharp! (The 50 is on backorder)



6 Comments to “It’s Never too Late in the Season to add to the Bag”

  1. If you want. I’m leaving for Florida Friday. I’d be willing to take them with me and let you know how they are. 🙂

  2. Going to Tampa. Westgate and The Tides are on the list. Should be fun! My buddy lives there and I left it up to him to choose the courses.

  3. Great looking wedges. Glad you got your system in place and it will definitely help when you can dial in from specific yardages. Happy feasting on the par-fives!

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