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November 5, 2012

Goal Setting Winter 2012 & 2013

Winter is creeping in on the city of Chicago and I am taking a look back on the goals I set for 2012. Sadly I didn’t accomplish a single goal this season. In 2011 I accomplished 4 out of the 11 I set. As I look at the goals I set this past year, I am upset that I didn’t accomplish any of them, but I am not completely at a loss. Over the winter I went through a swing overhaul and struggled with it for most of the season. The changes didn’t start to show meaningful results until the end portion of the season.

Below are the goals I set in 2012 for a point of reference.

Golf Goals 2012

  • Break 80 – Closest so far this summer is 87
  • Play a round with no 3 putts
  • Get up and down more than 50% of the time, including sand saves
  • Commit to playing the next shot at hand and not let myself focus on shooting a score (Subjective goal)
  • Never give up on a round

I am going to take a different approach to goal setting in 2013. I am going to set SMART goals. If you are unfamiliar with SMART goals, it stands for Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Timely.

The first goal I am going to set for 2013 is that I am going to enter into a City of Chicago Public Golf tournament and I am going to break 80 in both rounds. This tournament takes place in August every year and it is only a two-day event. This goal is something I have wanted to do for a while and I am going to put it down here so I can’t back out.

In order to accomplish this first goal I am going to have to work much harder throughout the winter to increase my short game efficiency as well as maintain my full swing. I am going to do this, by chipping and putting every single morning until I play in the tournament. This goal is specific to my short game, measurable by checking off the days on whether I did it or not, attainable because I can easily chip and putt before work no matter the weather, relevant because my short game is the weakest aspect of my game and timely because there is a specific date that the tournament takes place on.

The second goal I am going to set is twice a month go to the outdoor driving range or the indoor simulators to work on my full swing. There is a new facility here in Chicago that has a room full of simulators and although it is pricey it is a great option when the outdoor range is just too cold to tolerate. The goal is specific to maintaining my full swing, measurable by checking off if I went twice a month or not, attainable because it is realistic to go twice a month, relevant because I need to maintain my full swing and timely because I will be able to do this twice a month until it gets warm enough to go play on the course.

Once it gets warmer and I survive the winter in Chicago I will reset my goals to be more specific to playing full rounds of golf, statistics and scoring. Right now, I want to make sure I have a plan in place that will help me improve over the winter months and not take a step back once I start playing again.

Please feel free to offer up any other suggestions for goals I should be setting or winter tune up tips.