Winter Work at Play 18 Chicago

Last week I got a chance to get some winter work on my game in. There is a facility here in Chicago called Play 18 that is very cool. They are located right in downtown and they have tons of hitting bays and simulators tucked away in their lofty space. The other cool item that Play 18 has is a Tour Bound Golf Academy Robot. I wasn’t completely sure what I was expecting the first time I walked in, but I was pleasantly surprised. The place is just down right cool.

I made my way to Play 18 to get a tune up from my coach Mike Thornburg. The session was great and I have made a ton of progress since we first started working together. There were a few standout areas that I need to work on that he identified early on in the session. With a few tips and drills I was on my way to straightening those out, but it will no doubt take some time to get the timing and feel down.

The strangest part of the lesson was getting on the Tour Bound machine. It was strange to be guided through what a tour pros swing feels like, but it was also a learning experience. The biggest thing I felt different was the lag. Wow do they create some serious lag in their swings. I couldn’t believe how much lag the machine made me feel. It also made it clear that I don’t create much in my swing at all. I’m not convinced that doing reps on the machine will make your swing perfect, but I am convinced it is a good learning tool to feel the difference between how the pros swing the club and how you swing the club. At the end of the day, I would recommend it as a learning tool for someone looking to get better.

I’m working on some drills that Mike gave me over the next two weeks and then getting back to Play 18 for another session. My golf trip to North Carolina is coming up in March so I don’t have a lot of time to get my swing tuned up. I’ll keep the updates coming and hopefully a video update on the swing soon. Here is to hitting ’em straight!


2 Comments to “Winter Work at Play 18 Chicago”

  1. OMG! I watched the Tourbound video for the robot and the guy said he was teaching some students the Jim Furyk swing to get the feel from coming down on an inside path. I hope those students didn’t retain Furyk’s backswing 🙂 So who’s swing did they program in for you?

  2. I watched that same video before I went and was a little bit nervous to try the Furyk swing. Luckily I didn’t have to go through that one. There was one generic swing they consider the “proper” swing that takes you through position by position that I spent the most time with. The one stand out swing that was used to teach me lag was Sergio. For a normal person like me, I would say his swing is almost impossible to duplicate the way he lays it off and whips it through. Even though I will not be trying to incorporate that into my own swing it was fun to feel the different swings.

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