Indoor Short Game Practice

This winter I have dedicated myself to fine tuning my short game and putting any way I can. I figured I would give a brief update on how I have been doing this. Every morning when I get up I do some putting on my carpet. I know this isn’t ideal, but it is better than nothing. Each morning I pick a different distance and hit about 30 putts. The longer putts are all about finding the right speed and the shorter ones are all about aim. This has been fun because it has been a good change of pace and it doesn’t feel very repetitive. It has also greatly boosted my confidence with the putter. There aren’t many better feelings in golf than sinking 30 five footers in a row into a coffee cup. Trust me, it is addicting.

The other piece to my short game tune up is my chipping. Last season I struggled with my chipping the most and finally took the approach of getting the ball on the green as quickly as possible. I hit a lot of 8 iron runners and it definitely helped. I realize that this isn’t the best approach, but last season I was desperate and needed a quick fix. After I hit my putts I move on to some ship shots. Every morning I pick a new club and a new landing spot. I don’t focus on where the ball ends up, just where it lands. Often times I will put a pillow down where I think the landing spot will be and I will hit chips onto the pillow. I will do this with my 7, 8, 9, pw, 50, 54 & 58 clubs. The biggest thing I have taken away from this is how the ball comes off each club and how much takeaway I need to get the ball to land on the pillow. I know that when I finally get outside and onto a green I will need to calibrate a little for the rollout of the longer clubs, but right now I am getting very confident in getting each club to come off higher or lower and land where I want it to.

It will be a few more months before I know if this new practice routine will pay off, but right now I have never felt more comfortable or confident with my putter or wedges in my hands. It has been fun changing it up each morning and I love the lack of doubt I now have especially with my chip shots. Last year I was just looking to get the ball on the green, now I feel like I can take advantage of my short game to help me really drop my scores down. The winter won’t keep me down this year.


5 Comments to “Indoor Short Game Practice”

  1. I also work on my putting over the winter. I hope to have a nicer practice green soon. A simulator would be really nice by next winter.

    Thinking I’ll buy a practice mat and start chipping indoors like you do.

  2. I also work on my putting during the winter. I’m going to start indoor chipping like you do off a practice mat.

    I hope to have a simulator by next winter!

  3. Great approach especially trying to calibrate the landing spot with different clubs on the chips. When you move outside you may have to hit it a little harder because of the imperfect lies. Your indoor surface is perfect and real grass is not.
    I’ve also found the short rug putting to be the most beneficial of all indoor work you can do. One year I build a ramp out of styrofoam and layed a carpet over it and cut a real cup into it. The putts rolled up and I could watch it drop in. A winter with this yielded the best spring putting I’ve ever enjoyed. Good luck and keep us posted on the performance once you break the ice out there!

  4. With the weather like it has been, I have putted and chipped through my hallway in exactly the same way. The wife and kids complain, but now at least I am more confident with short game approach to the new season. Indoor golf is possible, before graduating to the garden where divots become an issue.

    • I have left a few golf ball style dents in the walls, but it is all worth it for a few more up and downs. I also agree that nothing really beats hitting it off real grass even if it is at the sacrifice of your garden.

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