The Grip and the Hip

After working on some of the separation that Mike is trying to get me to incorporate I have noticed a two swing keys that help me hit the ball solid each time. It may not go exactly where I am aiming just yet, but it improves my delivery of the club face to the ball at impact.

The first key is my grip. Mike had me switch my grip back to an overlap grip from an interlock grip. He was seeing my hands leave the club in the transition from back swing to down swing that I hadn’t noticed. Once he pointed it out I could feel the separation. This lack of a solid grip was making it nearly impossible for me to get the club square at impact. It was leaving it wide open on most shots that caused a slice or I tried to flip the club shut and it went dead left. Ever since I have focused on keeping my grip solid and on the club throughout the swing I have been hitting the ball much more solidly. What a shock right? It’s funny how some of the basics can slip your mind when you are trying to make your swing better. Working on creating lag and separation and more club speed is great, but in my case my grip was causing all of that work useless. I feel much more comfortable with my grip and the swing changes I’m working on now which is a nice relief. It felt like a big step forward.

The next key is my left hip. Mike is trying to get me to feel my shoulders rotating while keeping my hips steady and then bumping my left knee to the target, firing my left hip and letting the club swing through and into the ball with speed. The key here for me is to feel like the down swing starts with my hip opening and not my hands dropping. Often times when I am trying to get better with my swing I tend to try to control the club head. Controlling the club head is a killer in the golf swing for me because it makes me tentative. I don’t let it go, I don’t create speed and I don’t get the club head shut at the top. When I focus on starting the swing with my hip turn the club falls into the slot much better than when I try to control it. This is obviously a new feeling for me so it is taking some getting used to. When I get my hip firing and my grip solid it produces some of the best and most solid shots I have ever hit. I have faith in the process and feel like I am heading in the right direction so I am going to stay the path and keep working!

One Comment to “The Grip and the Hip”

  1. Get those hips cleared and you are going to start bombing it like Freddy Couples. Great mental image for clearing the lower body but not rushing the swing. Bombs away!

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