Back from Pinehurst and Back to Work!

I am officially back from my trip down to Pinehurst and back at the desk. It is tough coming back to chilly Chicago after six days on the course in nice weather, but it is inevitable for us cube monkeys who don’t live in the ideal golf climate. The trip down south produced a few things I really liked and a few things I really didn’t like. Let’s start with the good.

1) My swing is MUCH better than it was last season. The work I have done with Mike Thornburg at Play 18 this off-season has helped a ton. During this trip I hit the ball the best I have ever hit it off the tee and produced some of the better iron shots I have ever hit as well. My irons were a bit less consistent, but the results were noticeably different.

2) My ability to go “Play” golf has improved as well. I did a great job of focusing on each shot as they came and left the worry and stress about my score and the technical aspects of the swing on the range. I shortened up my range warm up sessions in an attempt to not over think the game and just go play and it really helped. The main change I made was that if I hit a club well three times in a row during my warm up I was done with it. That was all the confidence I needed to take to the course.

3) I was surprisingly confident with the putter for not having worked on it much. The take away I had from this was that it is very easy to over think putting. I found that when I was more reactive to each putt I felt more natural as opposed to worrying about technique. There is something to be said for letting go of the concept of control on the greens.

Ok, time for the not so good.

1) My scores did not reflect the way I hit the ball tee to green.

2) My short game is still rusty and needs the most improvement. Part of this was that I practiced a lot with my wedges this off-season and got down to Pinehurst where the lies around the greens are much tighter than I expected and require much more bump and run shots or putting off the green. I was not ready for this at all and was a bit lost in the short game area. I eventually adjusted, but was very disappointed with the short game results.

3) I have a lot more work to do, but feel I am trending in the right direction.

4) Looking back on these rounds I didn’t set any real tangible goals to shoot for and I wish I had. I need to take a good long look at this upcoming season and set some real goals and stick to them.

This weekend could mark the beginning of the Chicago golf season for me even if the weather is still in the 50s. I have the itch to play again and I need to do something about it. Stay tuned as the journey continues!

4 Comments to “Back from Pinehurst and Back to Work!”

  1. Good to hear your ball striking has improved. On those tight Bermuda lies around the greens, you always need to adjust your short game approach when playing in the southeast to accommodate. I’ll usually start practicing those specific shots a couple weeks in advance. It definitely takes an adjustment after playing from sloppy long rough around greens in the northern climates. How were the courses you played?

    • The courses were great. Pinehurst #8 is an all around amazing course if you ever get the chance to get down there and check it out. #2 was fun and I’m glad I can check it off my bucket list of courses, but the lack of over seeding and painted fairways was a bit disappointing. Other than that the courses were fun and it was a great start to the season. I wish I had known about the short game adjustments needed heading in to the trip, but you live and you learn.

  2. Yeah, I played 2, 4, and 8 a year and a half ago. My favorite was 4. I thought 8 was a little over-hyped as well. Will be interesting to see the official reviews when the play the US Open and Women’s Open there next year. Thanks for the update!

  3. Sorry, meant #2 was over-hyped. 8 was a great play.

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