Driving Par 4’s, Tap in Birdies and More Bad Putting

I made it out to the course yesterday for a round with two of my normal playing partners for what turned out to be quite an interesting round. We could not have gotten a better day for golfing weather if we were in charge of mother nature’s thermostat ourselves.  The round started off fine with a mix of pars and bogeys and a few short birdie putt misses.

After the fifth hole it was impossible to find a flat putt on the course. We weren’t sure if the course set up was on purpose or if the guy putting the flags in had just gone through a bad break up or was nursing a mean hangover, but the pin placements for the rest of the course were absolutely brutal. It was down right mean. Any putt above the hole was an almost guaranteed three putt. Needless to say our scores began to take a hit.

After the turn we stepped on the 10th tee with a little bit of frustration. My playing Partner Adam stepped on the 313 par 4 10th and pulled his driver out. Normally this is a 4 iron lay up or aggressive 3 wood on the tee. Adam decided he had had enough and was going for the green. The picture below is the result. I have played this course over 20 times and have never seen a ball on the green let alone this close.


Now our round had some excitement. We all stalked around the putt giving our input because we desperately wanted to see him drop it for Eagle. The video below shows the putt itself.

After that the round was very un-remarkable and I felt like I hit the ball much better than my score reflected. My short game was a bit off and my putting hurt me, but I am not putting a ton of stock in that just yet because of how severe some of the pin placements were. I’m encouraged by a lot in my game right now and feel like I have some very good golf in front of me before winter rolls around and the sticks go into semi hibernation.


One Comment to “Driving Par 4’s, Tap in Birdies and More Bad Putting”

  1. At least your buddy gave it a run!

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