Fall in Love with Your Weaknesses

There was an interesting article featured on LinkedIn, via the Huffington Post, yesterday by James Clear called “How to Stay Focused When Working on Your Goals Gets Boring.”  The article is interesting and incredibly relevant the everyday golfer. We have limited time to practice yet we all strive for exceedingly lofty goals. We all want to shoot lower scores and have lower handicaps. There is a reason that it doesn’t happen for a lot of us. Mainly it is the way we practice.

The author asked a coach he saw in the gym the following question, “What’s the difference between the best athletes and everyone else? What do the really successful people do that most people don’t?” The coaches response made me really stop and think about how I truly practice my golf game. The coach said, “At some point, it comes down to who can handle the boredom of training every day and doing the same lifts over and over and over again.”

After I read this quote I thought about how I go about practicing to improve my game. I thought back to my last session at the range and which clubs I spent a lot of time hitting. I started with some PW’s, 7 irons, a few 5 irons then spent quite a while hitting my 3 wood off the deck and my driver. After all that I chipped and putted for 20 mins and went home.

Next, I went through which clubs I hit the most during my last round. I only hit one 3 wood off the deck, driver on most holes, no 5 irons, and more PWs, SWs and shots around the green than I can count. My practice session did not reflect the weakness in my game at all. If I had been practicing smarter I would have spent the time on my wedge game instead of the macho long game.

The quote from the coach in the article made me think about how much I neglect my short game practice. I have put a lot of work in on it over the past year, but I have been committed to making it something I love to practice. It has to be something I am committed to practicing above every other aspect of my game. Right now, it is just another part of my game. I want it to be the BEST part of my game and think there needs to be a shift in my practice schedule to make that happen.

For the remainder of this season and the winter time I am going to make it a goal of mine to wear my wedges out. I want to go into next season needing to buy brand new wedges since I have absolutely worn them out from practice. This probably sounds excessive and it might be, but it can’t hurt to set a goal and go for it!


4 Comments to “Fall in Love with Your Weaknesses”

  1. Well your priorities are correct; short game first. Any idea how to ware out wedges during the winter? The only indoor practice I’ve found beneficial is rug putting. Chipping off the carpet just doesn’t have the same feel as turf. Thanks!

    • There are two ways I see that happening. The first is that I discovered a boutique golf shop not far from my office that I can go in and use their hitting bays for a small fee. Half the time I go there they don’t charge me anyways. The other is potentially using a tool called The Birdie Ball in a park in front of my apartment. I haven’t used one yet so I can’t say if it is good or not, but it has peaked my interest enough to try it out. Those are my two options as of now. It’s that or heated hitting bays at the outdoor range.

  2. If you’re serious about getting new wedges, go get ’em now and get used to them over the winter. If you’ll recall, I am playing with a whole new set of irons and wedges this year and it literally took me six months of total frustration to get used to the new wedges. They say to never build a new product in a new factory with a new workforce, and I made the mistake of changing pitching and chipping technique at the same time as introducing new wedges, but the point is it takes time to get used to them. Might as well use the end of season and winter to adjust and come out sharp next spring! Good luck!

    • Totally agree with you Brian. I was using the saying “wear my wedges out” just as an expression. Like you, I also put brand new wedges in my bag this season and understand that there is an adjustment period. I am more than happy with my current set, I just need to get more familiar with them.

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