New Golf Glove with Unexpected Comfort

Normally I don’t like to endorse products, but when I come across something I really like I want to share. Since I have started The Birdie Hunt I have talked about Club Champion and the phenomenal club fitting they provide, my online swing lesson with Fix Your Game, my in person lessons at Play 18 Chicago and today I am going to add one more item to my list. Mettle golf gloves.

I came across Mettle Golf on Twitter and randomly checked out their website. After reading a bit about the company and their products I was intrigued. After all, the golf glove is a very ho hum part of the golf outfit that normally doesn’t get much attention. Normally I just buy a glove at the course when my current one has finally broken down and torn apart.

I went ahead and got myself two of their gloves. They only come in two color combinations as of now, but I have been assured that more designs and colors are coming down the road.

photo 2

When I first took them out of the package I was surprised at the spandex like material on the top of the glove. I put the glove on and my first reaction was that the glove felt almost light on my hand. It didn’t feel like any other glove I had worn before. The leather felt great and was on the level of many of the “tour” quality gloves you can buy. The real difference was the material on the top part of the glove. It was breathable, stretchy and light weight. It felt pretty good, but I wasn’t sure how it would feel swinging a club.

The next day, I went to the range and warmed up with my normal worn down nike glove. After a short warm up with my crusty glove I switched over to the Mettle glove. I have to admit that it still gave me some hesitation because of how light it felt to my other glove. I hit some balls with my wedge, 7 iron and driver and quickly forgot that I was even wearing a glove. It felt great and performed very well. I used the Mettle glove for the rest of my range session with zero complaints. After I was done I took it off and examined the glove. It looked exactly like it did when I took it out of the packaging. There was no visible wear or tear after hitting two large buckets. This is something I could get excited about.

I played 18 holes with the glove over the weekend and again was impressed with the light weight feel of the glove, it’s performance and the fact that it stood up to 18 holes without any wear or tear. It literally looks brand new and I love that. I hate having to put on a crusty used glove and I have yet to experience that with these gloves.

photo 1

The design caught the attention of some of my playing partners who all wanted to try it on to see what I was talking about. The general consensus was the at the glove felt great and that everyone would like to see it in more colors and designs. I will admit that this is my one hang up with the glove as well. The drastic colors don’t always match with every golf outfit and can look a little uncoordinated if paired with the wrong polo. I for one will be continuing to wear my Mettle golf glove because it is incredibly comfortable and performs surprisingly well on the course. I will be keeping my eyes peeled for new colors and designs as they are released. If you are interested in checking them out for yourself give Mettle Golf a visit and see what you think!


2 Comments to “New Golf Glove with Unexpected Comfort”

  1. Looks good but did you wear it into the 19th hole after the round, like they suggest on the website?

    • I didn’t take it to the 19th hole, but I can assure you it handles refreshments on the course just fine! I wasn’t swinging all that well on that day so a few refreshments were required.

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