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January 17, 2014

Swing Update January 2014

I had some time to get into the indoor hitting bays at Play 18 Chicago again and got some good work in. I wrote in my last post how I was pleased with the way I was swinging and hitting the ball after so much time off. Now that I went back, I wanted to share a brief clip of my swing. This is a full out 6 Iron after hitting a handful of Sand Wedges to warm up. As you can see, the numbers are pretty darn good. I’ll take a 180 6 Iron with a 2 yard draw all day! Excited with where things are and can’t wait to keep getting better heading into the summer! As always please feel free to share your thoughts on the swing.

*Ball speed 120, Club speed 95, Vertical launch 21.3

January 6, 2014

-15 Outside, Swinging the Club Inside

In case you have been living under a rock for the past week you know that a large portion of the country is covered in a rare arctic wind. It is currently -15 in Chicago and instead of sporting my best winter jacket I decided to dawn my first golf blister on the new year. Over the weekend I ventured into the indoor hitting range and spent an hour and a half figuring out what a month off had done to my swing. When I say a month off, I really mean that I didn’t pick up a single club for a full month. I didn’t even do any rehearsal swings in the elevator mirror of my building which my door man knows all too well.

I brought my pitching wedge, 7 iron and 3 wood into the hitting bay and starting things off with some wedge work. Like I expected, I had a few fat and a small stretch of army golf trying to figure things out. After that, I was pleasantly surprised with how well I started hitting the ball. My accuracy was ok even with the occasional bad miss, but in general I was grooving my distances fairly well. The best thing about the session was actually how confident I felt over the ball. I didn’t have any bad swing thoughts and I seemed to have no fear which is rare for me. I tend to let the bad thoughts sneak into my head and this new aggressive mentality was a welcome surprise.

I have written about this before, but I think this range session was just another example of how having limited or no expectations going into a round of golf can really free you up. Some of my best rounds to date have been rounds where I wasn’t expecting to play at all and a friend has called me up for an impromptu round. Some of my worst rounds have been the ones that I have months to prepare for. This latest practice session is just another example of how fun golf can be when you take the pressure off of yourself and truly try to enjoy it.

Now that the Chicago river is steaming and 90% frozen I can only think about digging out my warmest ski gear to brave the short trip back to the indoor hitting facility. My blister might not be fully healed yet, but that has never stopped me before. Can’t wait for the 2014 season to start!