Swing Update January 2014

I had some time to get into the indoor hitting bays at Play 18 Chicago again and got some good work in. I wrote in my last post how I was pleased with the way I was swinging and hitting the ball after so much time off. Now that I went back, I wanted to share a brief clip of my swing. This is a full out 6 Iron after hitting a handful of Sand Wedges to warm up. As you can see, the numbers are pretty darn good. I’ll take a 180 6 Iron with a 2 yard draw all day! Excited with where things are and can’t wait to keep getting better heading into the summer! As always please feel free to share your thoughts on the swing.

*Ball speed 120, Club speed 95, Vertical launch 21.3


2 Comments to “Swing Update January 2014”

  1. No pressure man, but if you bring that move to the course in the spring, you will be giving your boys strokes. Very athletic move and you are in an excellent posture in your contact position. Timing is great and I can see where you are generating clubhead speed and picking up distance.

    Since you asked, a couple things I’d work on: The club is a coming a little inside on the way back which puts you in a slightly flatter plane than you want. As a result, you’ve crossed the line at the top with a slightly cupped wrist. This could promote a throw on the reroute and some inconsistent pull/slice ball flights. Firm that up and you are golden. your improvements are impressive since the last time you posted film. Excellent progress and good luck! Brian

  2. Thanks Brian. I’m pleased with the progress I’ve made so far. It’s a bit crazy to look at this video next to the very first one I posted. Been a long journey. Thanks for taking a look and pointing that inside move out. I can definitely see the over the line and cupped wrist that you are talking about. I’ll keep those in mind as I keep working on the swing!

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