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February 6, 2014

Bringing it Back to the Backswing

After my last post about my swing update I was feeling really good about my swing and where I was given the fact that it is winter here in Chicago and -10 degrees almost every other day. I took that confidence to the simulators at Play 18 and played a round of indoor golf against two of my normal playing buddies. The results were less than impressive and I felt a little bit off with the swing I was so confident about a few days before.

Prior to the round on the simulator I took a lesson with Geoff Lound and worked on some fundamentals around my grip and backswing. I felt good about what we were working on and it all made a lot of sense. After the simulator round I took another lesson with Geoff and a big light turned on about my lack of understanding on the fundamentals of the back swing. The picture below is a screen shot of my back swing position during my first lesson. Geoff pointed out that it is across the line with a little bit of a cupping in the left wrist. After seeing this I honestly had no idea I was doing it and couldn’t get myself to “feel” the backswing without the cup in my wrist.

Swing Right

Geoff and I started my next lesson with a few swings and he again pointed out the cupping in the wrist and the lack of control at the top of the swing. He put me on the Swing Robot in order to feel the proper position of the takeaway and the back swing. He was trying to get me to really focus on feeling the proper wrist action on the back swing. A lot of this was stuff that I worked on last winter with Mike Thornburg, but I had let myself slip back into bad habits. Also, if you haven’t seen the Swing Robot you should check it out. The thing is wacky, but really cool. It definitely helped me feel the proper position in the back swing. For me it felt like my club was super laid off, but in reality it was right on plane.

So after working on the robot and doing some swing drills with Geoff we took another video and here is my back swing position after using the robot. Notice a difference?

Swing Left

I was very surprised to see how flat my left wrist was and how on plane I was. Again, this to me felt like I was extremely laid off. It took some getting used to, but the results were immediate. I hit some shots on the simulator and after a little calibration I was getting a fairly straight ball flight with very consistent distance. This was very encouraging. I know that the feeling will take some getting used to, but now that I know what it should feel like, I feel pretty confident that I can implement the change into my swing and game.

Here are the two swing side by side. Crazy what a one hour lesson can do for your game! If you are in Chicago, I highly recommend you check out Play 18 and get a tune up with Geoff.

Backswing Side by Side