Early Season Insights and New Putter Grip

So far this season I was able to get two rounds in while in San Diego as well as a few days of great practice. Nothing special came out of my rounds in San Diego and my first round in Chicago on a chilly day was nothing short of discouraging. This past weekend I went back out and had a better round with a lot more to be excited about. I hit the ball well off the tee, never put myself in too much trouble, had a few scrambling pars but also a few holes that were simply rust inspired.

Over the winter I took a quick putting lesson and have been determined to make myself a better putter this season. I know I need to work on my grip pressure and speed to make this happen. Over my first few practice session I just didn’t feel very comfortable with the putter or consistent with my speed control. In my past experience I have found that sometimes a simple change can get you excited about your game again and make a big difference. This got me thinking about what I could change about my putting. I have messed around with different putting styles and didn’t want to do that again. Enter the Super Stroke putting grip.

These grips are making a splash on the PGA Tour and I’m sure you have seen the commercials. I figured what the heck, let’s see what the fuss is about. I put one on my putter and have to say I’m a fan. The bigger grip has let me grip the putter lighter and still roll the ball with much more consistent speed. My putting stats have improved so far this short season and I’m encouraged that they will only get better as the weather warms up and playing becomes a more consistent reality. I’m not a big proponent of pushing products, but I would encourage anyone who is curious about these grips to give them a look. I was pleasantly surprised.


5 Comments to “Early Season Insights and New Putter Grip”

  1. I agree, simple and often small changes tend to make a difference. Especially with initial changes with your swing/stoke. What size was your original grip size? Which size did you go with for Superstroke grip? Was going to try but not sure which size is best for my stroke. Thanks, Bill

  2. I switched to a larger grip on my putter last year and have not looked back! I find that the fatter grip helps keep my wrists locked!


  3. Anything that can get you to lighten your grip pressure is a good thing. I’m convinced of that because when I consciously lightened up last season, I felt like I almost lost control of the stoke, but damned if I didn’t start releasing the putter head and making more putts. It’s weird that something that feels so wrong can often be exactly right. Good luck with it and keep us posted on the progress!

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