One Swing Thought and I Finally Posted a Decent Score!

So far this season I have been able to play about 6 rounds and have had very mixed results. My first few rounds were really encouraging with some improved short game stats. Then I hit a weird patch where I just didn’t feel comfortable with some of the off-season changes I made. If this has ever happened to you then you know what I’m about to say. This is a recipe for mental warfare with yourself on the course. I probably played 4 full rounds with no consistency in swing thoughts or where I thought the ball was going. It made golf not very fun and my scores were just awful.

After an afternoon of 27 holes I stuck to a new swing thought key and started hitting the ball better. Not great but better. The next morning I got an impromptu call to go play 18 with some buddies and if you read this blog you know that some of my best rounds ever have come from impromptu rounds. My theory is that the lack of anticipation and expectation really lets you just play the round. Anyways, I went out and played the round and hit every club in my bag the best I have all season. I drove the ball straight and long, hit my irons cleanly and putted great. I finally put together a decent round and I really think it is from sticking to a trusted swing thought. Once I keyed in on that one thought and used it for a few holes I no longer worried about my stance or posture or where the ball might go. I knew that if I stuck to what I was doing I would hit the ball clean with a slight draw. This makes golf MUCH more fun.

The mental side of the game is fascinating to me. It is remarkable what amazing changes you can make on the mental side and it is something I want to look more into. I have spoken to a few mental coaches for the blog but never really embraced it since I’m just a weekend golfer. I’d be interested to see how simple focus and strategy could help my game though. More to come!


One Comment to “One Swing Thought and I Finally Posted a Decent Score!”

  1. You’ve stumbled on something tried and true. We just have an innate need to tinker and add swing thoughts in our quest for improvement but inevitably when you clutter up, you suck. Simplify; you play better. I’ve had stretches of very poor ball striking where I get to almost the hopeless stage and I simply chuck every swing thought and only think target. Always works to free me up. . .until I start to tinker again. Such is the natural order of things. . .

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