Great Summer Long Golf Bet

In the past I have shared the golf bet that my friend and I call the “Friendly Major” and I’m a big fan of it. After three years of the same betting scheme, my group decided to mix it up this year and implement a season long bet. It is reminiscent of the Fed Ex cup season long race for points that the PGA Tour implemented a few years ago. It is in no way original, but I have been surprised by how fun it has made even our worst rounds so far this season.

Here is how it works. There are 4 golfers in our group. Every time we go out and play there are points available for the winner and for second place. The winner is awarded 3 points and second place is awarded 1 point. The golfers who come in 3rd and 4th essentially “miss the cut” and are awarded 0 points. At the end of the summer the golfer with the most points wins the pot. Our group put in $50 a golfer so the winner will get $150. Pretty simple right?

Using this system has allowed us to hone in on a new level of competitiveness I didn’t know we had. Each round there are points available and even if you shoot an awful score you can still win points. It has made all of us stay in the match right up until the last putt drops. Before when we were just playing for a score it was easy to have one blow up hole and say ok my round is cooked. Now, each of us has stayed in the match and really learned to grind out every stroke. You would be surprised how often our matches come down to a shot or 2 standing on the 18th tee box.

If you are looking for a new way to get competitive with your normal playing group give this a shot. It has been surprisingly fun and the season has just begun. I’m looking forward to seeing how the point system shakes out as the season goes along.


6 Comments to “Great Summer Long Golf Bet”

  1. A friend and I did something like this a couple summers ago, you’re right it does add a certain level of competitiveness to each round!

  2. Nice. Definitely something I will bring up with my degenerate golfing buddies.

  3. Very cool. What do you do if a player misses your weekend game? No points for that week and falls farther behind in the standings?

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