New Irons are Staying in the Bag for Good

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New bag and Irons from the PGA Superstore

I am back in Chicago after my 8 day trip to sunny San Diego and in true Chicago fashion it is raining cats and dogs outside and there is no potential to play any golf. It’s a bit depressing going from hitting balls or playing every day to being stuck inside due to bad weather. Now that I am back from my trip I have a few things I learned about my game and also my equipment.

I have written about this before, but this trip to the west coast re-affirmed my belief that there is no better way to improve your game than playing consistently for multiple days in a row. Being a range rat is something I have been guilty of in the past since playing golf while living in a city like Chicago can be a challenge to say the least. Hitting balls at the range is cheap compared to actually playing golf and it is easier to hit the range for an hour or two compared to getting in a car and driving 30 or 40 minutes outside the city and spending 6 plus hours on the course. After being on a golf trip where the sole purpose of the trip is to play and get your game dialed in it is beyond clear how valuable consistent play and practice are.

Before I left for my trip to San Diego I had the privilege to be invited to go into my local PGA Superstore and get fit for a new set of irons. When I received the invite I wasn’t sure I wanted to go in because I actually really liked my current set of irons and had an amazing fitting experience when I got them two years ago. I thought about it and decided that doing the fitting couldn’t hurt since I had been fit two full years ago and my swing has definitely changed in the past two years. When I went to do the fitting the first thing that stood out to me was just how big the PGA Superstore actually was. The building itself was massive and they had every single piece of equipment and clothing you can possibly imagine. It was pretty cool to see that many options all in one place. Not only was the store impressive, but everyone there was very nice and informative about the equipment.

During my fitting I hit the Mizuno EZ Forged, Titelist AP 1s, Nike RZN and the Callaway Apex irons. I was playing Adams a12’s prior to this fitting with KBS C-Taper stiff shafts. The big adjustment for me during the fitting was hitting clubs that were more forgiving and learning that my irons should be 2 degrees toe up and that I could actually benefit from playing standard length shafts. My current irons are a 1/2 inch short. My numbers from the fitting with the Callaway Apex irons were hard to ignore and I was more than pleased with them. My club speed was 86, ball speed 109, launch angle of 22.9, spin rate of 3160 and my total distance with a 6 iron was 174. Needless to say I took the clubs and played them during my time in San Diego. The numbers made me happy during the fitting but what I really liked was how consistent I hit just one ball flight. I personally like to play a light draw and every shot I hit with the Callaway irons gave me that slight draw. My misses would go a little bit further left, but I wasn’t fanning any out to the right. Basically, I felt like I could confidently get rid of one side of the course. Sure I’m going to hit some right every now and then, but the ball flight was staying steady throughout the fitting and I was able to take that confidence to the course immediately.

The new irons not only look great but they feel fantastic on the course. I have seen a remarkable improvement in my ball flight consistency and confidence. Standing over the ball with confidence you know what your shot is going to do is what all golfers are trying to achieve. This new set of irons has given me that feeling more than any other set of clubs I have ever owned. My misses have dramatically improved and my good shots are going exactly where I want them to go. My first round in San Diego was nothing to write home about, but after that warm up round I played an early morning round with my brother in law where I hit 79% of fairways and 50% of greens. It was a great round for me and the biggest thing I took away from it was how comfortable I was over the ball on each and every shot. I’m beyond excited to keep the momentum going and keep making more and more progress with my game.

If you haven’t been fit in a while I would highly recommend going into your local store and just get checked out. You never know how your swing has changed and how some of the new technology can help your game. I know for a fact that going in and getting fit again has helped my game.



5 Comments to “New Irons are Staying in the Bag for Good”

  1. What an awesome experience that must have been. Incredible how you adopted to the new sticks so quickly. It took me over a year to get comfortable with my new Mizuno irons after hitting a set of Titleist DCIs for 10 years. I suppose it was easier to make a change since your last change was only two years ago?



    • Thanks Brian. It was an instant difference in the ball flight and confidence. Was surprised myself, but it has held consistent over a few rounds and I have no reason to doubt it at this point.

  2. No kidding! What a great story! I have never been fitted for clubs, I guess it is time!


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