What do a Banana Costume, Whistling Straits and a 5K Run Have in Common?

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A banana costume, whistling straits and a 5k run might not seem like they have anything in common, but during this upcoming weekend all three of them will collide in a fantastic golf bet. In the past I have written about the friendly major golf bet between myself and my golfing buddy. This weekend we are making the drive up to Kohler Wisconsin to play 4 rounds at the American Club and decided to change our bet slightly.

Normally the player with the lowest score after the 4 rounds would have to buy the winner whatever golf shirt he wanted from the pro shop of the most expensive or memorable course we played. We have done this about 5 times in the past and decided to put something else on the line. There is a 5K run on Cape Cod called the Brew Run that we will both be running this sumer. We decided that the loser of the round on the famous Straits course will have to run the race in a full banana costume. I don’t know why we thought this was such a great idea, but the build up and smack talking that has followed has been amazing. I will be glad to post the picture of the loser running in the costume during the race!

While the golf bet is fun I have to say that I have been playing much better heading into this trip. Normally I would be pounding balls at the range trying to find some magic before the trip, but this time I have changed my approach. Based on two posts from Brian Penn here and here I decided to take his advice and play a lot more during the week in 9 hole spurts and on the days I didn’t play I have dedicated 15 minutes minimum to chipping and putting. As Brian mentions in his posts I changed my preparation to focus on playing and gaining as much confidence as possible on the shorter shots. The results have been very promising. The confidence I have gained on chip shots and putts just from making sure I have a wedge or putter in my hand every single day no matter what, even if it is just for 15 minutes, has been astronomical. The biggest change I have noticed is in my putting and gaining a ton of confidence in my stroke. Not to mention a better habit of keeping my head down! Don’t ever forget that. By doing this drill I have noticed just how much I have neglected my putter and that aspect of my game.

This preparation has been very fun and has gotten me even more fired up to go play a ton of golf at Whistling Straits. While we are up there we are playing the following courses:

1. Black Wolf Run – The Rivers Course

2. Whistling Straits – The Straits Course

3. Whistling Straits – The Irish Course

4. Black Wolf Run – The Meadows Course

I am worried I won’t be able to sleep tonight I’m so excited to get in the car and get up there to start playing. I’ll take as many pictures as I can and report back on the courses and the play! Wish me luck!.



2 Comments to “What do a Banana Costume, Whistling Straits and a 5K Run Have in Common?”

  1. Good luck at the Straights and glad to hear the increased frequency is helping. Maybe you and your buddy stop in at a Brewers game and take running lessons from the guy in the brat outfit. Play well! Brian

  2. So how was the trip to Whistling Straits?

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