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August 18, 2014

Whistling Straits Trip in the Books

The trip to Whistling Straits is in the books and this post has taken me a lot longer to write than I originally expected. The main reason is that I am in the middle of finalizing a move back to California and have been a bit distracted. Now that I have a few free minutes I’m happy to report that if you have any level of love for golf you need to make your way to Kohler Wisconsin and play the Straits course. It is definitely expensive, but worth the cost. I have played a lot of championship courses (Torrey Pines South, The Ocean Course and Pinehurst #2) and I can confidently say that the Straits course is the most unique and memorable golf experience I have ever had.

While I was there we played all four of the courses and each course had its own unique layout and charm. Hands down the best course we played was the Straits course simply because it hosts major championship golf and it feels and looks just like a true links golf course. You won’t see any houses on the course, golf carts or paths, maintenance crew or most of the staples of public golf courses. Once you leave the caddy shack in front of the club house you step out into a truly unique golf experience. From the first hole to the 18th you feel like you are out playing golf in Scotland or Ireland and the fact that you are on the shores of Lake Michigan is simply an after thought.

The most surprising thing about the Straits course was that it is actually playable. I made it around the course with only one ball when I was expecting to lose a full box. The other three courses have much more penal hazards and tall grass. Also, you will be treated to some amazing views and if you are luck lots of wild sheep. If you are really luck you will finish your round and check your phone to see that your caddy has taken it upon himself to leave you the lasting gift of a selfie. All in all the trip was absolutely amazing and I can’t wait to see the tour pros play it next year for the PGA.

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I lost the banana costume bet on a failed up and down on the 18th hole and have never been more devastated walking off the 18th hole of any course in my life. It was crushing.