Thanksgiving Golf Game…PINK BALL



If you are like me and have a regular Thanksgiving Golf game every year with either family or friends I want to share a fun wrinkle to consider for a fun betting format. First things first, this format requires more than one foursome of players. It works best when each foursome is a team and plays against one or more additional foursome.

The way our group plays is in three different foursomes so 12 guys total. 8 works just fine too. Here are the nuts and bolts:

  • Each foursome (4 players) makes up a team
  • Each team will card 2 scores per hole
    • One score is a scramble score between three of the four players. (Each of the three players hits a tee shot and they take the next shot from the best shot, etc)
    • One player from each team will play a Pink golf ball. (Generally, we play with an actual Pink golf ball, but yellow or any other variation works as well)
  • The player who is playing the Pink Ball on the hole must finish out the hole completely with their Pink Ball. No gimmies.
  • After that player has completed the hole they will pass the Pink Ball to another player in the foursome. That player must now play the next hole alone with the Pink Ball while the other three play it as a scramble.
  • The order by which the Pink Ball is passed should be established on the first tee and can’t be altered during the round. Consider Par 5 and Par 3 hole numbers and play to your team player’s strengths.
  • The team with the lowest combined Pink Ball and Scramble score wins!

Example: If a team is playing a Par 4 hole and the three players playing as a scramble card a 4 and the player playing alone with the Pink Ball cards a 6 their team total is 10 for that hole.

The game is pretty fun with large groups and actually a lot of fun. Getting the Pink Ball on your tee is surprisingly stressful when you know you are all alone and your team is depending on you for a score. Try it out and let me know what you think!


6 Comments to “Thanksgiving Golf Game…PINK BALL”

  1. We’ve got a 1/2″ coating of the white stuff that fell yesterday. No golf for me this holiday weekend 😦 Play well in your tournament!

  2. Fun idea, best of luck with the pink ball! No golf for me today due to the freezing temps and snow, but on the bright side I’m heading south for 3 months shortly!


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