Swing Review


Thanks for sending in your videos to www.FixYourGame.com. You’ve got a very good swing—powerful and athletic and you’re able to generate a lot of speed. You have a good, balanced setup and are flexible, so you have a great base from which to build on. I do see a couple things in your fundamentals that we can improve on that will help you make better, more consistent contact. We have to start with the core fundamentals and build from there. It’s much harder to improve your swing if you focus on the more advanced things like swing plane first before fixing posture, balance and weight transfer.

First, let’s talk about your posture. You’re in a great, balanced posture at address, and I love how your spine is straight and not slouched. And you maintain this good spine angle during the swing, so keep it up. You lose the posture in your right leg as you swing the club back. You straighten or lock your right knee at the top of your swing. This affects your weight transfer and balance, and forces you to manipulate the club with your hands build speed and make solid contact.

Ideally you want to transfer your weight OVER your right side during the backswing, but because you lock your right leg, you’re turning AGAINST your right side. Does this make sense? Turning against your right side alters your spine angle so that you’re tilted toward the target at the top of your swing. You’re in a “stacked” position at the top of the swing, and since you don’t mention anything about this, I’ll assume you’re not intentionally trying to stack & tilt. But this change in spine angle is a huge variable and moving part in your swing, which leads to inconsistency. Any time you have moving parts, there’s something that can go wrong. It brings timing into play as well. On each swing you have to move in exactly the same proportions or else you don’t make solid contact.

When your weight transfer is restricted, it forces you to use your arms & hands to swing the club vs. the large muscles of the torso and hips (see below.

This is a simple drill that will show you where your weight transfer is:

This will show you if you’re locking your right leg and tilting forward at the top of your swing. Very easy to do, and you don’t need to be at a course or range to do it. Another simple way to improve your weight transfer is to narrow your stance. It’s hard to move over your right foot, when your feet are that wide apart–you have to change your posture and / or lose your balance to make a full weight transfer.

And finally, you’re starting the backswing by lifting up the club with your arms / hands, as opposed to taking it back with your torso, shoulders, arms, and hand all in one piece. Improving this will help your rotation as well. Here are two simple drills to help with this:

Thanks again for sending in your videos. If any of this isn’t clear, or you have questions please email me any time at info@FixYourGame.com. You can also find us at www.Facebook.com/FixYourGame, andwww.Twitter.com/FixYourGamecom.

Brant Kasbohm, PGA
Director of Instruction


3 Responses to “Swing Review”

  1. That is a very impressive and detailed swing review. You definitely got some good advice and certainly your money’s worth. I might give those guys a try myself! Thanks for sharing.

    • It was definitely worth it. I am going to work on a few of the things they mentioned and send in a follow up video to see how well I can actually make the changes myself.

      The best part of the process was how cheap and easy it was. I would check them out for sure.


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