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September 20, 2011

Video from my Iron Fitting

A few weeks ago I did a full iron fitting with the guys over at Club Champion.  I wasn’t sure how a fitting would really help my game because I wasn’t sure my swing was repeating enough to require a certain club, shaft, etc.  During my fitting I was surprised to find that my swing speed, angle of attack and path were pretty consistent.  Once I saw this I began to see how different combinations of shaft length and weight could get my ball contact more towards the sweet spot.  I didn’t change a single thing to my swing during my fitting and I started hitting the sweet spot more often.

In the video Michael Thornburg (@mthorn316) explains in greater detail exactly what he did during my fitting to get me hitting the sweet spot.  If you have ever considered getting fit for clubs I highly suggest it and you will see why in the video.

Here is the video from my fitting…check it out!

August 25, 2011

Helping my Game by Getting Fit for Irons

I wrote a previous post about how I was toying with the idea of paying for a club fitting for my Irons and potentially my driver.  I went back and forth on this subject and got some mixed reviews from friends on whether or not the service was really worth it.  I came to the conclusion that it was in fact worth my time and money to take a more in depth look at my equipment and if it really fits my game.  The bottom line, for me, was that getting properly fit for clubs has the potential to help my game.

I am in the market for new clubs at the moment and if I am going to spend a ton of money on clubs I want to make sure that I get the right ones for my game.  I don’t always feel comfortable hitting balls at places like GolfSmith and getting “fit” for clubs there because I don’t think it is a true fitting.  It feels like they have you hit a few clubs, make a recommendation, try to sell them to you and move on to the next guy in line waiting to hit clubs.  Plus, any club you buy there is stock from the manufacturer and not in any way shape or form customized to you.  What are the chances that a club straight from the manufacturer is perfect for me and my swing?  Possible, but highly unlikely.

I found a place that was right up my alley the other day in downtown Chicago.  The store is called Club Champion and when I walked in to check them out I immediately got the feeling that the place was different.  Their downtown store is located in an upstairs loft space and it isn’t a traditional Golf store by any means.  It is truly a “Fitting” store.  By that I mean that their primary focus is spending time with customers getting them fit for every area of their equipment.  To make things even better, you can schedule a block of time to come in and get fit and have a dedicated fitter spend time finding the right clubs for you.  No lines at the hitting stalls, no teenage (non golfers) working the register up front and no hard sell on clubs that probably aren’t right for you anyways.

The thing I am looking forward to the most about this fitting is the fact that I am going to be able to hit any Iron on the market paired with an array of different shafts.  This process is really about finding the right clubs, but let’s be honest, it is really cool to be able to hit clubs you read about on the “hot list” or have always been curious about.  It makes me feel like I am getting a tour pro experience which for a Golf nut is a dream come true.  Club Champion has the inventory and the ability to place any club head on any shaft out there in the market and let you hit it on the spot.  They also take the time to measure your club head speed, ball speed, lie angles, loft, and spin rates with all of the different club combinations.  How can I go wrong with this amount of attention to detail?

Below is a video that outlines the Iron fitting process from Club Champion themselves and I am going to take a little home movie myself from my Club Fitting on Saturday to share an inside perspective on the process.  I am really curious to hear what they have to say about my current set of clubs and what recommendations they come up with.  I am very excited about making the decision to do this and I hope the new Irons help my game for when I head out to San Diego for my “Friendly Major.”  I will post the video of my fitting early next week and then follow up with a post about how the new clubs are working out for me once I get them and play a few rounds.

Check out the video and you can also follow Club Champion on Twitter (@clubchampgolf) and Facebook.