Golf Goals

Here is a list of my Golf Goals this summer.  As I reach them I will be crossing them off and sharing the story of how I accomplished them.

Golf Goals 2015

  • Establish an official Handicap
  • Drop my Handicap to single digits
  • Play in at least one competitive amateur tournament

Golf Goals 2013

  • Break 80 – 79

Golf Goals 2012

  • Break 80 – Closest so far this summer is 87
  • Play a round with no 3 putts
  • Get up and down more than 50% of the time, including sand saves
  • Commit to playing the next shot at hand and not let myself focus on shooting a score (Subjective goal)
  • Never give up on a round

Golf Goals 2011

  • Break 80 – Closest so far 83
  • Lower my handicap to single digits: Currently 14.3
  • Play a round with no 3 putts
  • Hit more than 50% of Greens in Regulation in a round – Encinitas Ranch (55%)
  • Hit more than 50% of fairways in a round – Cougar Point (64%), Encinitas Ranch (71%)
  • Get up and down more than 30% of the time.  This includes sand saves.
  • Beat my previous low score of 85: Shot an 83 at Encinitas Ranch in San Diego
  • Break 100 at the Ocean Course  110
  • Break 90 at the Ocean Course?  110
  • Beat my Brother in Law – Cougar Point: Brother in Law (88) Me (87)
  • Play a Course that has hosted a Major Championship.  Don’t care which one.

3 Comments to “Golf Goals”

  1. Good luck! It always feels good to reach a milestone (breaking 80).

  2. Excellent goals Jon. I’ll check back periodically to see how you’re progressing. My recommendation for achieving your first goal of breaking 80 is to work on your short game at least 30 minutes a day, an hour is even better. Start on the green rolling putts and progress back after you’ve successfully holed say 8 of 10 or better 3 footers. Go on to 4-5 ft putts and hold yourself accountable by achieving a certain criteria for each length putt and keep progressing back to 30+ ft lag putts. Use the same method for chipping and pitching and so on. This type of progression practice is how my father dropped from a 15 to a 1 in less than 5 years and I’m confident it will work for you and anyone else who uses it as well. Even with average swing mechanics a person who utilizes progression practice can achieve a single digit hdcp in my opinion. I wish you the best of luck in your journey.


    • Neil, thanks for the comments. I really like the “progression” behind this method. As it warms up here in Chicago I will definitely give this routine a try and report back how it goes.

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